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I'm doing the questions through text because it's easier for me to do--And to be honest. I don't feel like spending a long time editing the dolls. I also want to little scenes that I wouldn't be able to do nicely in the dollmaker. =w=;


What do you think about your partner overall?

Kano: (Sitting next to Cam on a couch, arm wrapped around her waist loosely) She's the perfect girl for me. Sweet, romantic, gorgeous. She's got me head over heels for her. She's my lover and my best friend and I can tell her anything whether it's good or bad. She's an amazing mother and wife and it's very cute to see her get angry. (Glances down at her contently and smiles)

Cam: (Rubs at his arm lovingly) Even though I've been difficult over the years I really do love Kano. He's an amazing dad and he spoils me and the kids rotten. I have low patience but I think he's a very strong man. I envy him for defeating the struggles he has. I honestly love him. Even when I'm acting vile to him. (Expression saddens and glances up at Kano) I love you Kano.

Kano: (Kisses her forehead) I love you too baby~ (Tugs her a bit closer to him)


Do you Bathe together?

Kano: (Chuckles) Yes--

Cam: (Blushes a bit) Sometimes. (Glares)


Kano: (Sitting in tub with back against the wall, holding Cam in his lap with her face facing him) 

Cam: (Has chest pressed to his and chin rested on his shoulder, scrubbing his head)

Kano: (Purrs, soothing soap onto her back and shoulders) 


What hobbies do you practice together?

Kano: We do quite a few things together.

Cam: Which include our kids. 

Kano: (Nods) Yeah, we go horseback riding and vacations. We travel a lot in the summer. 

Cam: Me and Kano took dance classes once. We sometimes work out together when he's not showing off. 

Kano: (Grins) I do not show off! You just have shorter legs then me! (Pinches her sides)

Cam: (Shoots him a look and slaps his hand) You still like to show off! 



Kano: (In a large canoe boat with family) Come on everybody row! (Paddling)

Alice: (Whines) Daddy! My arms hurt!

Rosy: Don't be a quitter Alice! (Slaps the bugs bites on her arms)

Alice: (Screech squeals) Stop it!

Anna: Can't I be on Mommy's side? I'm the one who's paddling the most!

Rosy: No you aren't! You're slacking!

Cam: (Blank stare) Will all of you relax! We're going to have lunch after this!

Nicky: (Silently rowing next to Kano, calmly) I think I see some ducks.

Alice: Ducks ahoo!~

Rosy: (Leans forward, making boat rock) Hey ducccccks! 

Anna: Rosy! Stop it! (Pulls her back forward)

Kano: Hey! Don't rock the boat ov--


Alice: Don't rock the boat baby!~

Anna: (Suddenly joins) Don't tip the boat over!~

Kano: (Grins) That's it! Everybody get along!

Anna: Nicky now you!

Nicky: (Smiles coyly) I don't know the song?

Alice: (Points over to ducks) Then ducks it's your turn! 

Ducks: (Float by without a care in the world)

Rosy: Our love is like a ship on the oceannnnn!~

Anna: (Dryly) Okay you can stop now. 

Cam: (Rubs face) Oh, I'm going to need a tylenol after this. 

Kano: (Leans close to Cam and sings softly) Our love is like a ship on the ocean~

Cam: (Pushes at away playfully) Don't!

Kano: (Grins and continues to sing) We've been sailing with a cargo full of, love and devotion~


Song they are singing is here: [link]


Does your partner satisfy you?

Kano: (hesitates) Yes, yes she does~

Cam: (Stone face)

Kano: (Stares down at her lovingly) You don't have to answer I already know the answer~ (Kisses her shoulder)

Cam: (Glances away from and hugs tightly)


Kano: (Exhausted, pulls Cam to his side and snuggles)

Cam: (Panting, cuddles close to him and hugs) S-so good. 

Kano: (Gives a soft hum and kisses at her neck) Good~

Cam: (Perks head up and kisses him) I'm mad at you. 

Kano: (Kisses back multiple times, gives rump a loving squeeze) Oh? And why is that?~

Cam: You know why! (Smacks his chest, whines) You give too many octopus kisses!

Kano: (Grins) Aw! I'm sorry baby! (Kisses at her neck and suckles at her shoulder, leaving another one)

Cam: (Squealing) Kano stop it! (Wiggles)
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I came back with instant soup and an a lonely room.-Sky.

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So meaningful --->…

"The way to control people is fear. People's most basic desire is the desire to survive, so making them think they're going to die...That fear is the best way to control them."-Clair Leonelli… LMAO!

Jessica Valles says
I can see your father amking fun of me already
If he ever sees him
Gina Evans says
He would. XDD
actually, brb I'm gonna ask him something
Jessica Valles says
and I KNOW
Gina Evans says
My dad goes, "I'll make fun of him and probably drive him away, but as long as he's nice to her, I don't care..wait, he's CHUBBY? LOL"
Jessica Valles says
That's not fair xDDDD

Robert: (Storms in room and crawls in bed wrapping arms arpund Cam And Adrian) Well hello you two!

Norm: (Storms in as well wearing a Jason t-shirt with his face scratched and red sharpie all over it) Oh my god you guys are alive! ( bounces on the edge bed having the whole bed shake) Hi Cam! :D

Robert: (Holds onto Cam and Adrian tighter) Oh baby! Norm you sure are rockin' this bed to hard! (laughs ass off)

dmitri Shevchenko <33


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<TwilightWolf18> "But I dont want tooo" he flipped them over and lifted up her shirt, nuzzling her stomach.
<FregoliDelusion> Holy shitt.
<TwilightWolf18> FregoliDelusion: :iconwhattheshitplz:
<FregoliDelusion> There better not be love making in here. :I Cause I swear to god, Bobby is gonna beat a bitch.

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Favourite cartoon character: Oh God, again to many to count. But I do love all my friends Ocs.
Personal Quote: "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of people who don't do anything about it." -Albert Einstein

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